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.Christian Psychologies 101; 
A college course for undergraduates & adults

Wednesdays 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Sept. 12 – Dec. 12 at 
Espousal Retreat Center, Waltham, MA

Religious and spiritual approaches to psychology have grown steadily over the past few decades and Christian approaches are probably the most common. There are now many different national organizations with tens of thousands of members, a half dozen different doctoral programs, television shows with tens of millions of viewers, and some of the best selling books of all time. This seminar-style course reviews the state of the field today and provides a framework big enough to encompass secular as well as religious psychologies. Other religious perspectives including Jewish and Buddhist will also be included. The course is offered free of charge. College credit may be available. Enrollment limited to 15. Permission of the instuctor is required. 



Readings Week 3 Positive psychology
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Readings for Week 2: John Peteet
Supplementary reading for Week 3: Wikipedia for Positive Psych
Readings for Week 4, Frances Collins, David Meyers 
Supplementary reading for Week 4: Wikipedia for F. Collins
Readings for Week 5, Buddhist Psychology
Readings for Week 6, Jewish psychologies
Supplementary reading for Week 6: Jewish psychology website

Readings for Week 7: Protestant Christian Psychology
Supplementary material for Week 7: Christian psych PhD website
Supplementary materials for Week 8:Catholic psych PhD website
Interview with Paul Vitz
Readings for Week 8: Paul Vitz & Catholic psychology   
Readings for Week 9: Religion as illusion or delusion
Readings for Week 10: AA The first and greatest spiritual pscychology
Readings for Week 11: The gods that failed
Readings for Week 12: How Jewish psychology saved the world