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Newlife Counseling and Consulting, Waltham, MA
     Newlife Counseling Center was founded by Father Bob Masciocchi, Katherine Arthur Robertson and several associates in 1980, one of the first Christian counseling centers in the U.S. Ever since that time, mental health professionals from a variety of disciplines and denominations have provided counseling centered in the Christian faith.
     In addition to Father Bob, current staff include Christine Klosterman, LICSW,  and Michael Murphy, Ed.D. We provide individual, couples, and family counseling for adults, teens, and children at our offices at 30 Pond Street, Waltham. We also run a 12 step support group.
     In collaboration with and the Greater Boston Christian Therapists Network we maintain databases of Christian couselors, resources like support groups, courses, and retreats, and communities that provide outreach and support. We would be happy to help you to try to find the resources you are looking for. You can reach us by email at or by phone at 617-510-3927.
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