J. Michael Murphy, Ed.D. 617-510-3927

I am a licensed clinical psychologist who teaches, does research, and sees patients. I put this website together to tell others a bit about myself so that they could learn about my courses, research, and other services. . 

I teach Research Literacy and Quantitative Methods to child psychiatry residents at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Harvard Medical School and Religious Psychologies 101 and Christian Psychologies 101 to undergraduates and adult learners at MGH and at the Espousal Retreat Center in Waltham.

I do psychological research at MGH​ and Harvard. I see patients at MGH, at General Psychological Associates in Andover, and at Newlife Counseling Associates in Waltham.

  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Harvard Medical School
  • ​Shriners Hospital Boston
  • General Psychological Associates
  • Newlife Counseling Center

  • Research Literacy
  • Religious Psychologies 101
  • Christian Psychologies\101
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Big Psychologies 101

  • Individuals, couples, families
  • Adults, adolescents, & children
  • Anxiety, depression, addictions
  • ​Support groups
  • Boston
  • Andover
  • Waltham

  • Author of more than 50 papers on:
  • Child mental health and health 
  • National samples in the US & overseas
  • Collaborations with many federal, state, city, and county agencies
  • Topics include psychosocial screening in pediatrics, mental health, hunger 

Contact:    617-510-3927